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Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Accountability and responsibility can’t be lumped into the same bucket. Although these two terms have some similarities, a few distinct characteristics separate them in the workplace. Responsibility can be shared. You can work with a team of people to divide responsibilities. On the other hand, accountability is something that can be specific to an individual depending on their skill set, role, or strengths.

Responsibility is task-oriented. Every person on a team may be responsible for a given task that is required to complete a massive project. Accountability is what happens after a situation has occurred. It is how you respond and take ownership over the results. Even during the most uncertain times, true leaders hold themselves accountable for the results.

Responsibility focuses on defined roles, job descriptions, and processes that must be in place to achieve a goal. On the contrary, accountability is committed to the successful completion of tasks assigned to you and being willing to take responsibility for everything that happens as a result of the actions that were taken.

By Ian Cornett

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