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Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Humanistic leadership is about trusting others, being ethical, having compassion, and participating as a collective whole. A humanistic leadership system has a clear and aligned vision, mission, values, and expected behaviors. There should be a transparent communication and collaboration vs. internal competition among its members. In a humanistic leadership system, the organizational culture is caring,supportive and people feel appreciated and included. The humanistic leader understands at a deep level that the most important business indicator is the level of joy and meaning which people have in their work. When this is in place, all other indicators of business success will go up.

The skills of humanistic leadership are leading, managing and coaching. The humanistic leader should have all these skills.

Leading Leading is about having a clear business vision and being able to explain this vision to people in a way that inspires them to come to work. Leading is selling tickets for the journey in a passionate and facilitative way.

Management Managing is the opposite of leading. It requires stability, structure, discipline, and consistency. But it also takes into consideration the individual person Management requires consistent processes, good time management, and the transparent act of setting and measuring goals in a collaborative way.

Humanistic leaders are leading, managing and coaching

Coaching Coaching is about helping people on a daily basis to get them where they need to go. A strong leader is able to listen, focus on people and their needs while enabling motivation. Coaching enables collaboration vs. competition. The best coaches enable people to develop in their own ways, not rating and ranking them against others, instead treating them in unique ways and allowing for self-orientation and independence in their work.

Humanistic leaders will invest different aspects of leadership each day but leading, managing, and coaching must all come from the same person. The best way to see if there is humanistic leadership in place is to see if the followers can lead themselves.

By Dr. Craig Nathanson.

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