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"Word of mouth"


Lisa English

Finance Manager Sales & Marketing at BP Australia

Sandra is a highly competent manager who‘s greatest strength is her ability to get to the heart of what is required in a role and then setting a path to get there. During her time in the Stocks role in my team this exactly what she did delivering outstanding results. If you are looking for a can do manager with great drive, passion and strong technical skills Sandra would be a great addition to your team. I would highly recommend Sandra.


Cindy Cupri

Pricing Specialist at Viva Energy Australia

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and a mentor - but I did. I had the pleasure of working with Sandra in the Finance team in BP. I was always impressed by her ability to work across multiple projects, various stakeholders and to get people on board with new ideas. Sandra is definitely a natural leader


Sophie Shenouda

Stocks Accounting Analyst at BP Australia

I've been fortunate to experience first-hand Sandra's inspiring, results-oriented leadership. Sandra is a personable, natural leader and this no doubt played a significant role in our team’s ability to work well together and achieve some great milestones along the way. Under Sandra’s leadership I’ve felt valued and respected for my contributions and on the occasions when further direction or support was sought, Sandra’s big-picture approach and problem solving skills have helped me considerably.


Monica Muela

Tax & Compliance Manager at Decathlon Spain

Sandra has the leadership ability, charisma and technical knowledge as well as exceptional organization and communication skills that a Finance Manager requires. She knows how to work in a team, coordinate people from different backgrounds and lead teamwork at perfection


Javier Herrero

Assistant Manager at Gestacur Chile

I have worked with Sandra for over two years. She was my manager when taking my first steps in one of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers. As a manager she shows trust on her employees and reinforces them to let them grow freely by guiding them through her experience and advice. She owns very strong working skills (analytical brain, ability for innovation, problem-solving…) as well as personal ones (patience, dedication, honesty … ). As they say: “Falling down is part of life. Getting back up is living”; Sandra would be the person helping you get up and keep trying.


Mark Gall

Tax & Compliance Manager at BP Australia

I would highly recommend Sandra to any relevant management/leadership position, particularly in the project management/process improvement space. Sandra has demonstrated a great ability to see the end to end process, understand the full context and identify the gaps and weaknesses. She has strong management and coaching skills which enabled her to communicate clearly the issues to stakeholders and to bring the team into the problem to ensure an engaged solution. Sandra drove great performance outcomes with her team through a combination of vision, clarity of expectations, respect and common sense which led to a more empowered team. She got her team engaged and motivated - this included an offshore team - all to great success. Sandra can, and has, created real value for a business and its employees.


Violeta Hasic-Tunjic

Supply Accounting TL at GBS Australia

Sandra is s highly motivated finance professional with great leadership skills. I have been lucky to work with and alongside Sandra for the last 18 months and her capability to get the very best out of her staff has been a standout feature in the time I’ve known her. She always demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities, keeping her team highly motivated and focused on ensuring they deliver excellence and high quality at all times. I would recommend her without hesitation

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